Street object d'art reminiscent of Lukashenka appears in St. Petersburg

An art piece in the center of St. Petersburg.
Photo: zoomstreetart / Instagram

An object d’art by Russian street artist Zoom in the form of a bas-relief of Medusa Gorgon, which resembles Lukashenka, appeared recently in the center of St. Petersburg. The artist posted photos of his work with the caption “Evil is Near” and the hashtag #zhyvebelarus (Long Live Belarus).

However, the street art did not last long: soon after the information about the work was spread on the Internet, the utility workers removed it.

Utility workers remove the street art “Evil is Near.”
Photo: zoomstreetart / Instagram

In his works, the street art artist Zoom uses folk symbols that urge modern citizens to pay attention to social problems. In Russia, the artist is called the “Moscow Banksy”.