KGB reports arrest of man who allegedly brought arms to Belarus for ‘putting up resistance’

Затрыманы КДБ Сяргей Сакалоў. Скрыншот / АТН

The arms shown in the teaser of a news story announced by state-run Belarusian television were ‘specifically intended for the armament of terrorist groups,” the Belarusian TV and Radio Company reports on Telegram.

According to the authorities’ version, detainee Syarhei Sakalou, a specialist in subversive work and sniping fire, had several weapons caches. In the story, pro-Lukashenka journalists claim that the man was keeping watching over politicians and law enforcement officers in order to pick a right moment and attack them.

The security forces got on the track of Sakalou during the investigation into the assault on the house of pro-govt MP Aleh Haydukevich.

In the video, the detainee says that he was contacted by some ‘Aleh’ who offered to him to contribute to the resistance in Belarus and arranged a meeting in Kyiv.

In turn, the Ukrainian side reported in mid September that DSBU officers found a cache of weapons and explosives during the anti-terrorist exercises in Rivne region. The arsenal was found in the woods near the village of Butovo, literally near the border with Belarus.

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