Six more people in Brest sentenced to prison for protesting

On August 20th, the Brest Maskouski District Court passed verdicts for the sixth group of defendants in the case of the August 10, 2020 protests, reports.

Judge Inna Klyshpach found the men guilty under Part 2 Article 293 of the Criminal Code (“Mass riots”) and sentenced them to imprisonment in a reinforced regime colony:

Uladzimir Kobrynets – 4 years;

Andrei Kandrasyuk – 4 years;

Artur Amirau – 3 years and 6 months;

Mykola Malyuta – 3 years;

Raman Paulenka – 3 years;

Vadzim Chapyalevich – 3 years.

This is the punishment that state prosecutors Darya Zhuk and Vadzim Bahatka had proposed.

At the trial, Andrei Kandrasiuk spoke about how he was beaten in the detention center. And Uladzimir Kabrynets said that he spent 24 hours in the “gym” of the police station, where he was taken because he asked the law enforcement officers to call an ambulance for a guy with a rubber bullet in his stomach.

According to human rights activists, since the summer of 2020, the most massive repressions in the modern history of Belarus have taken place. During the year in Belarus, more than 4,690 criminal cases related to the protests were initiated. As of August 21, 640 people were recognized as political prisoners.

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