Authorities set to get full access to banking information of Belarusians – opposition

The People’s Anti-Crisis Administration (PACA) says they it received documents stating that the Interior Ministry, the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General’s Office would receive all information about accounts and e-wallets in Belarusian banks.

Іllustrative photo. Source: Belsat

According to PACA, the authenticity of the papers was confirmed by several sources in various law enforcement agencies. The organisation is not going to publish the documents so far, since they want their sources to be on the safe side.

The corresponding plan was approved on July 9 by Deputy Chairman of the National Bank Dzmitry Kalechyts, the representatives of the opposition claim.

“It means that banking secrecy in Belarus has ceased to exist – law enforcement officers are starting to monitor your personal financial data and expenses in real-time mode, i.e., the banking system has officially become part of Lukashenka’s repressive machine,” PACA stressed.

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As before, The People’s Anti-Crisis Administration calls for acting in accordance with the formula ‘ATM-exchange office-bank’: they urge Belarusians to withdraw all Belarusian rubles from bank cards and convert them into foreign currencies as well as extinguish any deposits in Belarusian banks. withdraw all possible deposits and deposits.

In the spring of 2021, the organisation reported that the Ministry of Taxes and Duties had stepped up keeping track of Belarusians’ incomes.

Pavel Latushka, a former Belarusian diplomat and a member of the opposition Coordination Council set up by Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya, announced the creation of the People’s Anti-Crisis Administration (PACA) in October, 2020. Its participants had to leave Belarus in fear of being persecuted; now they are staying in Warsaw. The body operates together with other representatives of the democratic political forces of Belarus.

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