Single mother convicted for calling Lukashenka ‘whiskered cockroach’ on web

Volha Nasyr. Minsk, 23 April 2021. Photo: АК / Белсат

On April 23, Pershamayski district court of Minsk annouced a guilty verdict in the case of 30-year-old Volha Nasyr.

The woman was accused of publicly insulting president of the Republic of Belarus (Part 1 of article 368 of the Criminal Code). When leaving comments on one of Telegram channels, Volha Nasyr called Alyaksandr Lukashenka ‘a whiskered cockroach’ and made expletive remarks about him, public prosecutor Hanna Lapyanok said.

Volha Nasyr. Minsk, 23 April 2021. Photo: АК / Белсат

Volha is divorced, she has a nine-year-old child. The woman had never been prosecuted before. The defendant fully admitted to the charge, noting that she should have kept her emotions under control.

Judge Maksim Trusevich sentenced Volha Nasyr to one year of restriction of liberty without being sent to a correction facility.

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