Tsikhanouskaya calls on Belarusians to prepare for Freedom Day

Former presidential candidate Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya has urged Belarusians to prepare for Freedom Day, her press service reports.

“In recent months, Lukashenka has not only brought Belarus into a terrible crisis, but has become the main threat to the independence of the country. We can see it: he’s trying to sell Belarus piece by piece in exchange for loans and support in order to hold on for a few more months. But spring is near.

March 25th is the Freedom Day. Our Independence Day. And I urge all Belarusians to prepare for this day now: mobilize the spirit of protest, build safe communities, plan to return to the streets of their own cities. After all, the only force that can stop the sale of the country is the people of Belarus.

March 25th is the day by which we unite our efforts and declare: we are together against the crisis and for a new Belarus,” said Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya.

Last week there was a meeting of people interested in organization of the Freedom Day. Ryhor Kastusiou, chairman of the BPF Party, has already reached an agreement with the ambulance service. It remains to sign an agreement with two more services. After that the application can be sent to the Minsk City Executive Committee.