Another Belarusian detained after discussing amendments to Constitution

On January 21, Andrey Dubin, a worker of the Vysokaye maintenance depot, was detained after discussing changes to the Constitution in the so-called “dialogue platform” framework. During the discussion of amendments, he proposed to ban bald and mustached people from participating in the elections, reports Euroradio.

“Witnesses to the detention say he made a suggestion that moustache and bald men be banned from running in the election. It is likely that a case will be initiated against the man for insulting Lukashenka,” the media outlet reports.

Over the last few days, there have indeed been held “dialogue platforms” in Vysokaye of the Kamianets district, Brest region. The participants discussed amendments to the Constitution of Belarus, but we have not yet been able to confirm information about the detention of resident Andrey Dubin.

On January 14, the pensioner Mikalay Vitsikau was detained after sending a letter to the ” Mayak ” district newspaper.

“The man calls the current organ of state structure “Lukashism”, supporters of the authorities “yabatkis”, the actions of law-enforcing bodies “atrocities of riot police scum”,” the Mayak later enumerated.

The new wording of the Constitution contains several bans on running for president as a candidate. The age of the future president has been raised to 40. He also has to live in Belarus for 20 years before the elections. Also, he must not acquire citizenship or a residence permit in another country.