A 22-year-old man from Homiel sentenced to 10 years for tanning on drugs

The Chygunaczny district court of Homiel accused the man of illegal drug possession with intent to sell. The police found at the man’s house electronic scales and small bags for packaging. As it turned out, the young man worked as a ‘miner’: he picked up the drugs, divided it on doses and left it in the specified locations for buyers.

The young man from Homiel drew the attention of police in August last year after he was found naked and under the influence of drugs at the canopy about the entrance to the house.

He told the investigation that he started selling drugs through the girl, whom he met in a social network.

At the trial, the young man agreed that he deserved severe punishment. He was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in a colony. He will also have his property confiscated. 

belsat.eu/en/, odsgomel.org

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