Police arrest resident of Babruisk with Parkinson’s

On November 10, the police detained Syarhei Bialyayeu, a disabled resident of Babruisk. He was sentenced to 15 days in jail for reposting “extremist materials.” His friends say he might not survive the arrest.

Babruisk TDF. Photo: nash-dom.info.

Syarhei Bialyaieu has a neurostimulator implanted in his head. He has Parkinson’s disease. The charge of the stimulator will last another three days, but he will have to be in jail until November 26.

When the charge of the neurostimulator runs out, the prisoner may die.

According to Bialyaieu’s acquaintance, on the morning of November 10, his apartment was searched by the Main Department of Internal Affairs officers. They were “looking for evidence of insult of policeman Komar” and searching the closet, couch, and dresser. Later, the police filed a report on Bialyaieu for reposting.

“One of the officers hit him on the head for no reason, to put it mildly. Not only should Syarhei not be beaten, but he also should not be allowed to make any sudden moves,” said his acquaintance.

Last winter, she recalls, Bialyaieu was also searched at the police station and then searched with a metal detector, after which the neurostimulator lost its rhythm.

The month before he was detained, the law enforcers broke into Bialyaieu’s house, “put him on the floor and handcuffed him,” but he was not taken into custody. It happened the day after the man’s surgery in Minsk. An acquaintance believes that the law enforcers “did not dare to arrest him after the operation,” but a month later, “they decided that he was already healthy.”

According to Telegram-channel “Babruisk Online,” at least some of those detained on October 10 were tried for “Dissemination of extremist materials.”

Bialyaieu has already been put under arrest this year. He was detained on Freedom Day. During his detention, he went on hunger strike for six days along with four other detainees. Later, he said that the “political prisoners” attitude became unbearable after Internal Affairs Minister Ivan Kubrakou visited Babruisk on March 31.

According to the latest information, today Syarhei has been jailed for 10 days.