Belarusians protest against trial of Barysevich and Sarokin

The residents of Belarus continue to express their solidarity with journalist Katsyaryna Barysevich and doctor Artsiom Sarokin, who are being tried for publishing truthful information about the condition of Raman Bandarenka, who was later killed.

Thus, on 21 February the action was held near the metro station “Mikhalova” in Minsk.

“Flowers instead of Term. Freedom to Katsyaryna Barysievich” – reads the poster, placed there by Minsk residents.

Overall, flowers appear in different parts of Minsk.

On 19 February journalist Katsyaryna Barysevich and doctor Artsiom Sarokin were tried at Maskouski District Court of Minsk. The journalist and the doctor are being charged under part 3 of article 178 of the Criminal Code (“Disclosure of medical secrets”). The article provides up to three years of imprisonment.

In the morning of February 21, one of the marches took place on Pushkin Avenue. People came out with national flags and the flag of the Tsivali neighborhood.

Its participants chanted “Freedom to political prisoners! We can! We will prevail!” and other slogans.