Poland-Belarus talks: FM Makey quotes Belarus President, Sikorski ‘disappointed’ with Minsk summit

Resolving the conflict in Ukraine and invigorating bilateral cooperation were high on the agenda of Thursday talks in Warsaw between the chiefs of diplomacy of Poland and Belarus, Radosław Sikorski and Uladzimir Makey.

The talks were open and sincere, Uladzimir Makey stated. At that, according to Radosław Sikorski, there are a lot of problems in Warsaw-Minsk relations now. “We are neighbouring countries; we are destined to liive together, as our President says,” Mr Makey stressed.

‘All of us are concerned over escalation of the situation in eastern Ukraine. This country is an important economy and trade partner for us, Belarus is close to Ykraine due to the people’s contacts. We are two brotherly nations who have been living together for centuries,’ the Belarusian diplomat said.

The Polish Foreign Minister was more opinionated. He stressed he wanted ‘more dialogue and less fight’ in the Ukrainian issue. “Poland cannot accept another round of escalation of aggression towards Ukraine. The international law is being violated. We are disappointed that the escalation is taking place so soon after the Minsk meeting, which we’ve had such high hopes for,” Minister Sikorski said after the meeting, commenting on the latest developments in Ukraine.


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