Russia’s Airborne division in Donbas. ‘After the parade in Belarus they came to fight in Ukraine’

The fighters of Odessa police battalion ‘Storm’ got into action with Russian airborne raiders from Pskov. It is the troopers of Pskov Airborne division who took part in the military parade on the occasion of Independence Day in Minsk on July 3, 2014.

The fight took place near the village of Heorhiyivka, Lutuhyne district, Luhansk region, reported on Saturday. Russian airborne raiders attacked two Ukrainian checkpoints, but Ukrainain army men turned the attack with the help of artillery and air corps and unleashed a counteroffensive. They seized two airborne assault vehicles, shot down a tank and take several paratroopers as prisoners.

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On video Ukrainian soldiers show Russian fighters; insignias and state they found a journal-book. ‘They participated in the parade in Belarus, then signed a contract. They realise they are fighting in Ukraine,’ a Ukrainian soldier who defended a checkpoint near Heorhiyivka, told journalists.

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Ukrainians also found a loaf of bread made in Pskov, reporters say.

It is noteworthy that airborne raiders from Pskov were ‘the green men’ who drove away the Ukrainian army from Crimea. In August Russia’s Defense Minister awarded the order of Suvorov to the division for ‘the accomplishment of special mission in Crimea’.

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