Wanted list: Russia tries to grab Ukraine’s politician with help of Interpol

Interpol has fulfilled Russia’s April request to issue an arrest warrant for Dmytro Yarosh, the leader of Pravy Sector (Right Sector) for ‘public incitement to terrorist and extremist activities involving the use of mass media.’

‘Dmitriy Yarosh is wanted by the judicial authorities of Russia for prosecution/to serve a sentence,’ Interpol’s official website says.

Pravy Sektor played a key role in defending protesters in Kyiv’s Independence Square during the revolution earlier this year, but is viewed as an anti-Russian terrorist group by Moscow. Mr Yarosh, 42, is a long-term Ukrainian nationalist campaigner, whose stated aim is for the country to be affiliated neither with Russia nor Europe.

There are plenty of examples of Interpol failing to weed out attempts to use its global network against human rights defenders, journalists and political opponents, the Telegraph warns.


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