Shocking: Makeup looted from MH17 turns up on Instagram (photos)

In the wake of the Malaysian Boeing tragedy, there have been repeated claims of the victims’ personal effects being looted by rebels and locals. On Thursday yet another proof appeared, on Instagram, reports.

A girl under a username “zolotosya” (account since closed off to visitors) posted a picture of a piece of makeup of an European brand Catrice, noting in the comments that it was “mascara from Amsterdam, or, rather, from the field… you get it”. “A looter friend gave it to me, so to speak,” she added.

Some of her photos are geotagged to Torez, a town in Eastern Ukraine near the crash site where a rebel surface-to air missile launcher was allegedly spotted hours before the tragedy.

Proof of MH17 looting has turned up in the Western media before. A Dutch paper De Telegraaph reported looters answering phone calls from the grieving relatives, while The Daily Mail wrote that the victim’s credit cards were being used in Ukraine.

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