Terrorists’ agent recruiting volunteers: ‘Over 1,500 Russians fight in Donbas now’

Magazine Gorod812 [City812 – Belsat] has published an interview with a Russian backer of terrorists: he recruits volunteers for the war against Ukraine’s army in Donbas.

‘I try to arrange a meeting with a candidate and find out whether he is ready for a war physically and psychologically. Electronic correspondence doesn’t reveal everything. Saint Petersburg residents take six-day training, the so-called guerrilla course, in a military club. There are great many volunteers, and we organise a lot of such trainings. After basic knowledge is given to them and necessary things are provided, a group of volunteers heads for Ukraine,’ agent Alexander Zhuchkovski told journalists. According to him, some 300 persons have been sent to Donbas for the last two months. ‘Most of them are from Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Many boys come from Ural, Siberia.’

The recruiter feels he is ‘totally supported by Russian society and authorities’. ‘Earlier border guards refused to let a medical cargo because we didn’t have accompanying document. Now police, border officers or the Federal Security Service are not creating obstacles to us,’ he said.

On their way to the unrecognised Novorossiya volunteer groups arrive in the sity of Rostov, then they are crossing the border through a special corridor. Over 1,500 Russians are fighting in Donbas now, Mr Zhuchkovsky says.

The interview appeared soon after it had bee reported about the deaths of two Rusian militants, Matvei Yefremov and Vladimir Melnikov.


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