21-year-old Minsker sets up drug lab in rented flat


Drug control unit staff detained a young man and eliminated the drug lab.

According to information from the law enforcement, the lab was set up and kept by a young man from a wealthy family. He had started his business as a courier, but later stepped up the game and began to cook dangerous psychotropics.

He was advised to rent apartment by handlers of an online store, where he used to work. He received the necessary equipment and detailed instructions through caches.

During a search, the police found more than 1.4kg of powder containing psychoactive components, laboratory equipment, accessories and chemicals used in the manufacture of psychotropic substances, computer equipment and mobile communication devices, plastic cards of various banks, 230 thousand Russian rubles (about $ 3,300). The man said that the money was his salary.

He has been indicted. Criminal investigation continues in cooperation with the internal affairs units.

belsat.eu , sk.gov.by

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