Political prisoner Uladzimir Nyaronski deprived of food parcels until August

Political prisoner Uladzimir Nyaronski, author of the YouTube channel “Slutsk for Life,” has been deprived of food parcels until 4 August. The human rights center “Vyasna” has learned from his wife, Maryna.

The reason for the disciplinary punishment is unknown, but his wife believes it is connected to Uladzimir’s conviction on a “political” case.

Uladzimir Nyaronski. Photo: spring96.org

Maryna learned about the ban on parcels on June 16, when she had already arrived with a 50-gram parcel in Veina, where colony number 15 is located. The next day she received a letter from Uladzimir, where he informed her about it. But according to his wife, there was no ban on the parcels, the letter, or depositing money into the account.

Uladzimir Nyaronski already works in the colony. According to Maryna, she and her lawyer are preparing a supervisory complaint against the verdict of the Lahoisk district, which sentenced the political prisoner to 3 years in a general regime penal colony. Nyaronski was found guilty under two articles of the Criminal Code: article 369 and part 1 of article 342. The man was accused of calling in his videos for actions that grossly violate public order and found guilty of publicly insulting Slutsk District Executive Committee chairman Andrei Yancheuski in a video on his YouTube channel.

Blogger Uladzimir Nyaronski in Kastrychnitski District Court of Mahiliou. Photo by: “Belsat.

According to human rights activists, many political prisoners are deprived of their parcels as soon as they arrive at the places of imprisonment. The reason is the “political” article under which a person was sentenced to imprisonment. The colony administration uses it as an additional way of putting pressure on a political prisoner.