Under-aged political prisoner Mikita Zalatarou ‘re-arrested’

Political prisoner Mikita Zalatarou, who only turned 17 on May 12, is accused in a new criminal case – allegedly for attacking an employee of the detention center.

The teenager was “re-arrested” to conduct investigative actions in the case, reports the publication “Silnyie Novosti.”

Mikita Zalatarou (center), Dzmitry Karneyeu (left), and Leanid Kavaliou (right). Homiel. February 22, 2021. Photo: LSH / Belsat.

Parents of Mikita Zalatarou say that while waiting for a new arrest procedure to be processed, their son was kept in a police van, where he, a guy weighing 50 kilos, was guarded by four huge security guards for a long time.

The parents were not allowed to talk to their son or give him any food or water. Finally, Mikita only had time to tell them that he could not stand it any longer: if he were left alone in the cell, he would not be able to stand it.

Mikita’s lawyer advised the parents to write a statement to the prosecutor’s office about their son’s detention in “solitary confinement,” referring to the fact that the prosecutor’s office is probably not aware of this fact.

“Do the wives, children, mothers of those who are now responsible for my son know that they are killing the child?” asks Mikhail, Mikita’s father.

The parents note that Mikita looks very pale and thin, and his health has clearly deteriorated since they saw him last.

The teenager was detained on August 11, 2020, and sentenced to five years in prison for “violence against an internal affairs officer,” “illegal actions with flammable substances,” and “organizing mass riots.” According to the investigation, he allegedly threw “Molotov cocktails” at the military. Mikita pleaded not guilty.

The international human rights organization Amnesty International called on the Belarusian authorities to release Mikita Zalatarou.