Arab investor to build multi-story complex in Minsk following Lukashenka’s decree

New living areas From Drazdy to Tsnyanka may become even denser than “Minsk-Mir.”

Construction of the residential complex “Minsk World” by Dana Holdings, Sample PHOTO. February 8, 2021. photo: TK / Belsat

On May 13, Alyaksandr Lukashenka signed a decree about an “investment project” to build an “experimental multifunctional complex” in Minsk called “North Shore.” On May 16, the decree was officially published on

The decree stipulates that:

the complex may be built in the area of Dalhinauski tract and Navinki, from the Minsk Ring Road to private houses near Arlouskaya street, from the Tsnyanka reservoir to Zatsen and to the Drazdny reservoir itself;

a private company, “Riverside Development Holdings Limited” from the United Arab Emirates of businessman Mohammed Ali Al Abbar, who was formerly the Chairman of the Board of “Emirates Blue Sky,” which was part of “Dana Holdings” (he had previously promised to invest € 4 billion in the project), was appointed as the investor and the customer;

the customer is allowed to form the price of shared construction projects without limiting profits, “based on actual costs”;

the number of people who will settle in the area is unknown, but it is allowed to build with a density of no more than 448 people per hectare (in the complex “Minsk-Mir” it is 427 people/ha, while in the most densely built-up south-west of Minsk now live about 174 people/ha) and an average of 14 thousand square meters of housing per hectare;

the average size of the apartment is planned at 45 m² per person, also 6.4 m² of public green areas per person;

parking lots must be built for 370 cars per 1,000 inhabitants (in 2020, there were 320 cars per 1,000 inhabitants of Minsk);

at least two schools for a total of 2,000 places, five kindergartens for a total of 1,500 places, a police station, a fire station, and postal facilities are planned;

Also, there will be built an international exhibition center, an international trade center, three sports facilities and the “Institute of Artificial Intelligence” – no details about them in the decree.

Dana Holdings was hit by the European sanctions package last year with the wording “The owners of Dana Holdings/Dana Astra maintain close relations with Alyaksandr Lukashenka. Liliya Lukashenka. Liliya Lukashenka, a daughter-in-law of the country’s leader, holds a high position in the company. Thus, Dana Holdings / Dana Astra benefits by supporting Lukashenka’s regime. After that, “Dana” curtailed the activities of two (but not all) of its companies. Even before the sanctions, “Dana” built eight houses in “Minsk-Mir.” It was noted that Lukashenka’s sister-in-law Liliya “holds a high position in the company” – “thus, Dana Holdings / Dana Astra profits by supporting Lukashenka’s regime. Even before the sanctions, “Dana” stopped the construction of eight houses in “Minsk-Mir.

Dana’s housing was popularly nicknamed “man-houses” because of the high construction density.