Ukrainian forces on alert not far from Belarus-Ukraine border

Photo: pivnichniy.kordon / Facebook

The heavy security regime has been rolled out for Ukrainian border serving at the border with the Republic of Belarus, news agency RBC Ukraine reports.

According to the State Border Service, such regime of service involves an increase in the number of meetings; the units monitoring the situation in border areas have also been reinforced.

In general, given the fact of this country’s close cooperation with Russia, significant attention is paid to the [Belarusian] vector, especially in light of mentioning the external border of the Union State of Belarus and Russia, ” Andrey Demchenko, Spokesman for the Border Guard Service of Ukraine, said.

At the same time, the situation at the border remains calm; neither movement of military equipment nor arrival of alien troops have been detected, he added.

In mid April, the Ukrainian Defence Ministry reported Russia’s pulling up troops to their border, estimating the number at 110,000. The country’s military is concerned about a possible offensive operation from Crimea to ensure water supply to the peninsula. On the back of this, Ukraine imposed additional restrictions in Rivne region which shares borders with Belarus. They will be in force until the end of 2021.

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