Putin slams West for ‘turning blind eye to attempted assassination of Lukashenka’

Vladimir Puting delivering address to Federal Assembly. Moscow, 21 April 2021. Photo: Kremlin.ru

On April 21, Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin delivered the address to the Federal Assembly. The president paid much attention to Russia’s domestic problems, but he also touched upon foreign policy issues.

He made mention of Belarus in the context of the recent ‘coup d’etat’ which, according to the Belarusian authorities, had been thwarted; Vladimir Putin believes that the West might have had a finger in the incident.

“If someone does not want to conduct a dialogue, Russia will always find a way to gain its point. Everyone in the world seems to be comfortable with the practice of politically motivated sanctions in the field of economy. These days it has been turning into something that is much more dangerous. I mean the recently published facts about the attempt to stage a coup d’etat in Belarus and assassinate its president. What catches the eye is that even such flagrant actions remain uncondemned by the so called collective West. no one takes any notice of that; they keep pretending that nothing is happening at all,” he said.

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In his opinion, one can have different opinions about ousted Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, or Venezuelan strongman Nicolas Maduro, or Alyaksandr Lukashenka, but developing plans for an assassination is ‘definitely too much’.

“They have crossed all the lines. The confessions given by the detained conspirators speak for themselves – they say that the blockade of Minsk was being prepared, including that of the city infrastructure and means of communications, as well as the complete shutdown of the entire energy system of the Belarusian capital. By the way, this proves that, in fact, a massive cyber attack was in the making,” Putin stressed.

At the same time, Vladimir Putin was not slow to praise the alleged amicability of the Russian authorities, noting that ‘Russia is constantly being harassed here and there for no reason’.

“We do behave modestly, oftentimes we do not respond [to hostile rhetoric – Belsat], including to open rudeness,” he added.

On April 17, Alyaksandr Lukashenka said that Belarusian opposition activists Alyaksandr Fyaduta, Ryhor Kastusiou, and Yury Zyankovich who were arrested in Belarus and Russia, had been allegedly preparing a coup d’etat and an attempt on him with the help of American special services. This information was then confirmed by the KGB of Belarus and the FSB of Russia. According to intelligence agencies, Zyankovich and Fyaduta consulted with representatives of the United States and Poland and planned to carry out a coup in Minsk on May 9. Lukashenka also claims that the ‘FBI or CIA’ and their accomplices were going to capture one or two children of him and put them in a cellar located in Homiel region.

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