Yulia Charnyauskaya writes her first post since release from house arrest

Writer and journalist Yulia Charnyauskaya has published her first post on Facebook after her release from house arrest. The political prisoner is grateful for the support and reports that several restrictions have been changed. The post was published on her page by her daughter Yauheniya.

“I am re-learning how to use simple things, do simple things and think simple thoughts. More than ever, I believe in the great power of healing normality. In the power of snow, wind, the smile of relatives, a calendar for the new year attached to the purchase at the drugstore…” writes Yulia.

She reports that she cannot talk about her current status. She writes that she can’t yet publish posts on her Facebook page.

“I can only say that I have had a number of restrictions changed, and that’s all. There is still a long and difficult road ahead,” writes Charnyauskaya.

The political prisoner thanks everyone who helps her with deeds, words, or just thoughts.

“I always laughed at the phrase ‘rays of goodness,’ but they do seem to exist. I love you. And I wish I could thank some of you by name,” is how Yulia Charnyauskaya concluded her post.

Yulia Charnyauskaya was detained on May 18, 2021, and transferred to house arrest a few days later, after she lost consciousness and was taken to hospital, where she received emergency medical treatment. She remains a defendant in the criminal case of tax evasion on a large scale (part 2 of article 243 of the Criminal Code). On January 13, she was released from house arrest.

Yulia Charnyauskaya is a professor at the University of Culture and a writer and publicist. The woman is indirectly related to Tut.by. The portal was founded by her husband, Yury Ziser (who died one year and one day before Charnyauskaya’s detention). Still, she has never been the owner of the company.