Sheer cynicism: Some people in Boeing were dead before crash, terrorist Strelkov-Girkin says

Igor Strelkov-Girkin, a leader of the terrorist group in Donbas region, granted an interview to Russkaya Vesna (Russian Spring), a voicer of Russian nationalists. ‘I have not sorted out the situation [with the Malaysian airliner crash] yet,’ he admitted. At that, he could not help proposing an inconceivable case scenario…

A significant number of dead bodies were not ‘fresh’: they had died some days before the crash, he said with a reference to those people who collected the bodies.

‘Firstly, not all people were dead before the plane fell down. Secondly, lots of medicines, blood serum and other things which are non-typical for a common airliner were found in the plane. It might have carried a special medical cargo. Thirdly, I do not still insist on anything. I have just talked to two persons who were collecting the dead bodies after the falling. The both are from the town of Shakhtyorsk; they were at the scene within half an hour after the plane had crashed. I am referring to their words. A lot of bodies were ‘bloodless’, as if their blood had clotted long before the accident, they say.’


In April, 2014 the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) identified Igor Strelkov as the leader of the paramilitary group that took control of the eastern city of Sloviansk. Strelkov is a commanding officer of a Russian military intelligence unit. According to the SBU, Mr Strelkov arrived in Crimea at the beginning of March and began directing Russian troops and special forces to occupy Ukrainian military outposts and government buildings, orchestrated the kidnappings of Ukrainian soldiers, activists, other Ukrainian and foreign citizens.

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