Buk missile system’s urgent departure video: Terrorists concealing traces?

A video that shows a Buk ground-to air-missile system leaving the town of Torez soon after the Malaysian plane MH-17 crashed has appeared on Youtube. Having realised they took down a civilian airliner, the terrorists allegedly decided to cover up their tracks.

It is to be recalled that on Wednesday Igor Girkin-Strelkov, a separatist leader, said on social media that Ukraine’s plane An-26 was downed. It is arguable that terrorists made a mistake and fired a missile at the Malaysian Boeing.

{movie}A Buk missile system leaves the town of Torez, Ukraine, video by Youtube user Война в Донбассе|right|17519{/movie}

According to its authors (Youtube user Война в Донбассе), that particular system shot down the passenger jet on Wednesday, with 295 persons killed.

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