Downed Boeing: Ukraine’s Security Service publishes terrorists’ talks with Russia’s intelligence officer

The Ukrainian security agency states they have intercepted pro-Russian terrorists’ talks proving that they happened to shoot down a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 passenger jet.

{movie}Terrorist Bezler ‘Bes’ reports about the plane to Vasiliy Geranin, Colonel of Russia’s intelligence.|right|17508{/movie}

As it follows from the recording, a man, allegedly Igor ‘Bes’ Bezler, the leader of a Donbas terrorist group, informs Vasiliy Geranin, Russian intelligence Colonel, of the downed plane. Terrorists named ‘Mayor’ and ‘Grek’ are also involved: it seems they could not foresee that civilians would die.

{movie}Downed Boeing-777|right|17509{/movie}

On Thursday terrorists shot down the passenger jet in Donetsk region. 295 persons, including 80 children, are dead.

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