Video proof: Russia’s Grad multiple rocket launcher shells Ukraine from Rostov region

Videos showing BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launcher shelling the Ukrainian territory have recently appeared on Youtube.

Local residents allegedly filmed it by a mobile phone in the town of Gukovo in Rostov region, near the border with Ukraine.

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‘This is so much fun in Gukovo! Guys, Grad is shelling [bad language],’ a man is commenting on what is happening. Indifferent Internet users have found the place from where the Grad launcher was supposedly shelling the territory of Ukraine. Most Ukrainian media outlets have distributed the videos.

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It is curious that community ‘Eavesdropped in Gukovo’ has been recently created in Russia’s social media Vkontakte. Some users warned against sharing the video which discredits Russia. The Vkontakte account of the man who allegedly filmed the video has been deleted as well as the post in community ‘Eavesdropped in Gukovo’. But Ukrainian users managed to make screenshots:

‘Stop distributing the information! Besides that no one believes us, you provide more proofs of ‘Russia’s attacking Ukraine’. Delete it please and use your loaf!’

‘Guys, hold one, we’ve got the information that one of those who filmed has been taken to Rostov Department of the Federal Security Service, he might be accused of treason!’

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