Street interview: ‘We won’t have another President until Lukashenka dies. He is eternal’ (video, ENG subs)

On the occassion of the 20th anniversary of President Lukashenka’s being in power Belsat TV journalists asked the residents of the Belarusian city of Mahiliou: ‘Who will be the next President of the Republic of Belarus? When will such change happen?’

English subs:

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‘I like the incumbent President. I hope God will grant us peace and well-being we enjoy now. I am satisfied.’

‘Taking into account the recent events in Ukraine there is no chance of somebody else’s becoming President.’

‘While he is able [to perform his duties] he will continue his being in office’

‘Who should become our President? The Lord is the only man for the position. I don’t have any other deserving candidates. I’ll be glad when he comes and puts everything to rights.’

‘We like Lukashenka. We hope his son Kolya fills his shoes.’

‘Rivalry is crucial for politicians. I am for my President Lukashenka.’

‘I think Lukashenka will be in power till the end. Maybe, his son succeed to the presidency’

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