Information Resistance Group: Russia to bring troops into Ukraine on July, 15

Russia’s special operations units in Rostov are getting ready to enter the territory of Ukraine, Dmytro Tymchuk, Head of the Centre for Military and Political Studies and the coordinator of the Information Resistance, said at today’s briefing.

“Over the past weekend we received comprehensive evidence <…> and can say positively that two groups of special operations units are arriving in Rostov region: these are the intelligence and subversive groups of Russia’s GRU. According to our data, the commanders of the units were ordered to to bring the groups into Ukraine on July, 15. This date was repeatedly mentioned in the information we got”, quotes Mr Tymchuk as saying.

It has not been decided yet how these troops will be presented, he added. “Either they are told that they would be called peacemakers and Russia is preparing to send its so-called peacemaking forces to Ukraine. Or it will be the ‘little green men’ scenario like that of in April [in Crimea],” the expert stressed.

Mr Tymchuk considered this ‘a feeling of agony of the terrorists in Donbas’ and Russia’s attempts to save the situation by any means.

Earlier Andriy Parubiy, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, said that 40,000 Russian troops were currently deployed at Ukraine’s border.

(UPD) Video in English:

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