‘I kill people’: Battle frenzy of Belarusian female sniper on pro-Russian terrorists’ side (video, ENG subs)

Belarusian-born Natallia Krasouskaya, who earlier declared her supporting insurgents in eastern Ukraine, gave another interview which has appeared on Youtube on Friday. She smiles, boasts of her being a killer, shows her sniper rifle and explains why President Lukashenka will send Belarusians fighting in Ukraine to prison.

English subs:

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Interviewer: ‘And now we continue to tell you about Natasha, a militiawoman from Belarus. You know, the Belarusian KGB initiated a criminal case against her. So, she is to be punished. But why? She is fighting for the Slavonic unity. But Belarusian President Lukashenka also supports the idea of it! Let’s ask Natallia. You know, Natallia has become a sniper. She’s a good girl, congrats! Natasha, what has happened in Belarus? After publishing the interview we learned that the Belarusian KGB was going to arrest you for some reason.’

Natallia: ‘People from the KGB had visited us, my mother told me. Once I was talking to a fighter from Belarus and he told me a criminal case had been opened against him. ‘It’s bad,’ I said, another fighter ran in and told my mother was phoning. I answered, and my mother told me about the KGB. Yesterday I phoned her: they came again, wanted something, telephone talks are being tapped. When I talk to my mum over the telephone, I send greetings to these guys, they probably don’t like it. Firstly, they told [my parents] I was facing 10 years in prison, later – up to 7 years. For mercenarism, as my friends explained. But I’m not a mercenary, I came here voluntarily and I get no payments.’

Interviewer: ‘I confirm that no money is paid here!’

Natallia: ‘I had submachine gun ‘Vasya’, now I use sniper rifle ‘Kristina”

Interviewer: ‘Tell those people who consider you a mercenary and killer: who do you shoot at and why? They should understand you are not a killer but a defender of the Motherland.’

Natallia: ‘I kill enemies’

Interviewer: ‘What enemies? A lot of people don’t understand. We are all people, they think. She kills people, she is a killer, they believe.’

Natallia: ‘Dead right, that’s just who I am! (pause) I came here after I had a talk to a Right Sector [Pravy Sector] activist, a real idea-driven one, not a stooge. These people don’t think there are non-combatants here whose lives should be saved, they believe the locals should be wiped out, thrown into mines, burnt – as it was in Odessa. I don’t like it; I wish there were fewer such people.’

Interviewer: ‘It’s clear, you kill killers defending your Motherland!’

Natallia: ‘I’m not afraid of this word ‘kill’.’

Interviewer: ‘You know, a lot of people don’t understand and that’s why we should explain. What else would you like to tell us?’

Natallia: ‘I was told that once President Aliaksandr Lukashenka said there would be no Belarusians on the militia’s side, that Belarusians were neutral. But the case is that he failed to ask each Belarusian. Now he is to account for his words; that’s why he sentences all Belarusian militiamen to prison terms by default.’


On Thursday the Belarusian Ministry of Interior said that our national taking part in military actions in Ukraine and people recruiting them might be criminally prosecuted under Article 133 of the Criminal Code (‘Mercenarism’).

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian forces detained three female insurgents including Ms Krasouskaya near Karachun Hill in Sloviansk, but the information was later refuted.

‘I came here because sometimes standstill is worse than action. I was sick and tired of backing the militia via the Internet, on Facebook and Vkontakte. I arrived in Ukraine on May, 5. On May, 7 I came to Sloviansk. I was born and raised in Belarus. Before my arrival at Sloviansk I had lived in Belarus, Minsk region, the town of Barysau, Trusau Street. I am not afraid to show my face and passport: I will go to Belarus only after all the border crossing checkpoints are seized by the militia. <…> I would like to say hello to my father. When I return we will drink vodka with him as two grits. I would like to say hello to my mother and ask her to understand me. I would like to say hello to residents of Barysau and say: “Here I am!” I would like to say hello to Batska [Father] Ryhoravich [Belarusian President Aliaksandr R. Lukashenka] and tell him: “Batska, your citizens are on this side. Just in case, I want you to know it, Ryhoravich.” Girls, boys, nobody sent us, we just came here of our own free will,’ Natallia told Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda in June, 2014.

The citizens of Belarus are joining both Ukraine-volunteer battalions and pro-Russian insurgents.

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