Belarusian rescuers, army officers banned from holding Pole’s Card

Officers of the Emergency Ministry are barred from obtaining the Pole’s Card: a correspoding law was published on the National Legal Portal on July, 8. Сonscripts are not covered by the ban.

According to the law “On amendments to certain laws of the Republic of Belarus on military service”, officers of emergency agencies are prohibited from receiving documents from foreign states that give them benefits and privileges for their political or religious views or nationality as well as to use such benefits and privileges unless otherwise is required by international agreements signed by the Republic of Belarus. The law also forbids army officers to have such documents.

The Pole’s Card (Karta Polaka) is issued for a ten-year period to former Polish citizens and those who have relatives of Polish descent, even in the fourth generation. Then the validity period can be extended. The Card gives extensive privileges to the holder, such as a free multi-entry visa, 37-percent discount on rail travel in Poland, work permit, public education and health care in Poland, etc. A prospective Card’s holder should possess a basic knowledge of the Polish language.

Belarusian civil servants were banned from having Pole’s Card. Civil service law amendments entered into force on February 11, 2012. The law prohibits civil servants from accepting any privileges, as well as documents granting such benefits, from foreign states based on persons’ political views, religious or national background.

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