Leader of pro-Russian terrorists in Donetsk invites mercenaries: ‘We have troubles’

Donetsk pro-Russian militants are not ready to confront the Ukrainian army, moreover, they have logistics and supply support troubles, Commander of the militia in the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) Igor Girkin aka Strelok (Shooter) said in an interview with Donetsk television, ukrinform.ua reports.

According to him, the city now is on a “peacetime posture” and its state can be compared with the preparations for the defence of Sloviansk two months ago. He also admitted that at this stage the defence of Donetsk is associated with large number of casualties among the militias.

“We take daily steps to ensure that the city be ready for defence in terms of fortification,” Mr Girkin said.

However, he lamented that the citizens live a peaceful life and do not believe that the Ukrainian troops can open artillery fire and make air strikes on the residential quarters.

“For the million strong city the militia is not enough,” he said, when asked about the number of DNR forces. He also noted that “they have real troubles with logistics and supply support.” The militia needs 8-10 thousand people – “either they come by their own, or are called up,” Mr Girkin noted.

At the same time, Igor Girkin stated that a lot of people would like to join the militia, but they want some money guarantee for their families. ‘We are going to pay 5,000 – 8,000 UAH, which is a big amount of money for local residents, to our militiamen,’ he said.

Meanwhile, Terrorists in Donbas are reinforcing roadblocks and mounting Grad multiple rocket launchers near settlements, while militants are posing as representatives of the National Guard of Ukraine (NGU), the NGU press office said in a statement on Wednesday . “National Guard units do not have Grad multiple rocket launchers and their daily activities are guided by the laws of Ukraine and they do not use weapons against civilians,” reads the official statement by the NGU command.


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