Following Yanukovych’s footsteps: Putin’s associates live high (photos)

Alexei Navalny, a Russian opposition politician, has published a Livejounal post about Putin’s minions living in the lap of luxury.

‘This post is dedicated to you, my dear fans of Vladimir Putin,’ Mr Navalny says and compares Warren Buffett‘s and Steve Jobs‘ houses to mansions of Arkadiy and Boris Rotenberg, close friends of the Russian President. It is them who win Gazprom, Rosavtodor, Moscow Metro tenders for big state orders in most cases. ‘The Rotenberg brothers graduated from a physical training institute. They neither created nor invented anything. They did not give us iPhone, social media or successful investment projects. They are just Vladimir Putin’s friends.’

Warren Buffett’s house


Mark Zuckerberg’s house


Steve Jobs’ house


Palaces of the Rotenbergs


In March’s NYT article Alexey Navalny said that the only way to have an impact on Vladimir Putin was freezing assets, seizing property of high-powered and affluent Russians, banning them from entering the EU and the USA.

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