Opposition parties: Eurasian Economic Union poses threat to Belarus’ independence

The signing the Eurasian Economic Union treaty has brought Belarus closer to loss of its sovereignty and to the destruction of the independence of the Belarusian state, Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD) says in a statement issued on Thursday.

The agreement signed in Astana will not benefit the Belarusian economy and will instead contribute to its stagnation, BCD says, adding that the deal runs counter to Belarus’ national security interests. Instead of diversifying its foreign economic and political ties, the authorities are making Belarus even closer attached to Russia, de facto turning it a satellite of the new Russian empire, the party says.

The Eurasian Economic Union treaty constitutes a threat to the well-being and independence of Belarus and a barrier to its democratisation, Aliaksei Yanukevich, chairman of the Belarusian People’s Front (BPF), says in a statement.

‘The membership of Belarus in yet another integration entity does not meet Belarusian national interests,’ Mr Yanukevich warns. ‘The Eurasian Union can damage the economy of Belarus and severely compromise the living standards of all our compatriots.’

Only the Russian economy stands to gain from the deal made in Astana, which gives Russia unimpeded access to Belarus’ labor market and economic resources, Mr Yanukevich says. ‘The aggressive Russian oligarchic capital, a weapon in the hands of modern Russian imperialism, may ruin Belarus’ national business sector,’ he adds.

Aliaksei Yanukevich predicts a rise in the prices of consumer goods and shortages of cheap quality goods from outside of the Eurasian Economic Union and describes the Eurasian Economic Union as a union of undemocratic regimes and warns that Belarus’ membership in it will lead to the ‘conservation’ of its authoritarian regime.

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