Pro-Russian separatists shoot down ATO helicopter near Slaviansk

Terrorists shot down a helicopter of Ukrainian Air Forces, involved in the antiterrorist operation, in Slaviansk today, Oleksandr Turchinov, Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament, said.

According to him, 14 Ukrainian servicemen, including General Sergiy Kulchitsky, are dead: separatists used an anti-aircraft missile. After participating in the antiterrorist operation, the servicemen were going to have a rest according to the rotation plan.
{movie}Terrorists shoot down Ukrainian army’s helicopter (video made by separatists) |right|16715{/movie}

The helicopter brought food, water and armoured vests for Ukrainian soldiers who were on the outskirts of Sloviansk. After it had been unloaded, the helicopter took the servicemen aboard. It blasted soon after the takeoff.

(upd) 10 persons are dead, press officer Vladislav Seleznyov specified later.
The terrorists responsible for shooting down the helicopter have been killed, Ukraine’s National Guard reports.
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