Sloviansk residents: ‘Shooting day and night’ (video)

Belsat TV crew arrived at Sloviansk and asked people about their attitude to the newly-elected President, Ukraine’s army and pro-Russian separatists.

English subs:

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‘I don’t want to tell anything. I don’t want to live at all. We hoped shooting would stop when a president was elected, but in vain. We want anyone to see us, to hear us, we just want peace. People are tired.’

‘They shoot every day, the windows rattle. We are scared. We don’t want this war anymore, we want peace. We are worried, but hope for the best. We want to leave this city, to move to another place. There are no jobs here, banks are closed.’

‘One can’t deposit money or draw them out of banks. It can’t go on this way.’

‘We don’t want any war, we want them to leave. Let life resume its normal course’

‘Everyone is at gunpoint, most residents stay in the city, only 10 percent might have left. I don’t know when they will stop terrorising us. Maybe the President elected by the rest of Ukraine will succeed in solving the problem in a peaceful way. I hope he talks to people and hears them’

‘If you had an opportunity of voting in favour of whom would you cast your vote?’

‘I don’t know. I have had no trust in the ousted authorities. Now I don’t believe anyone. Maybe we need a representative of a new generation.’

‘People live amid fear. Those who have children are trying to find some shelter. We are still waiting for something but they [rivals] are not able to decide what they are fighting for. A referendum was held, a President is elected – what else do they need? People want live the life they have chosen. Children die, soldiers are being killed – and their mothers want them back. How many soldiers have already died?! It’s terrible.

‘Oh, we have fun here – there’s shooting day and night’

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