Man paints bus stop white-red-white, gets charged

A 39-year-old resident of one of the villages of Cherven district has been prosecuted for “insulting a judge” and “damaging property.”

As reported in the Investigative Committee, a 39-year-old man put an “insulting inscription” on the fence of the district court judge’s house in Cherven district at night on March 3, 2020.

“He made one more similar inscription there at night on March 26th. These actions of the intruder were connected with the activity of the judge in the administration of justice. Other facts of male unlawful activity were revealed as well. In January-February this year, he painted a stop in the same village with white-red-white symbols,” reported in a press release of the Investigative Committee.

The stop was painted in the colors of the white-red-white flag. A criminal case was filed against the villager for this. Photo:

Police detained the man. He was charged under Article 391 (“Insulting a judge”) and Article 341 (“Destruction of property”) of the Criminal Code.

The Investigative Committee reported that during interrogation, the detainee “fully confessed his guilt and repented of what he had done”:

“He explained that he had read on one of the Internet sites that the judge living next door passed unjust sentences on participants in the protests in the country. This was the reason for his writing on the fence of her house. It also follows from the defendant’s testimony that he was a member of a local destructive chat room in Telegram. The man decided to mark the presence of the white-red-white flag in Cherven district, having painted a bus stop in his village.

A measure of restraint chosen for the man was personal surety.