Brest authorities close ‘Polish School’ over ‘devaluation of historical memory’

On April 19, Brest Regional Economic Court considered the case against the “Polish School,” reports the press service of the Supreme Court.

During the consideration of the Brest prosecutor’s suit, the economic court of the Brest region ruled to close down the “Polish School” LTD. Formally Brest Prosecutor’s Office acted “to protect state and public interests of Brest Leninski Borough Administration.”

On March 10th, the prosecutor’s office brought a criminal case under part 3 of article 130 of the Criminal Code for committing intentional actions aimed at inciting national and religious hostility on the ground of national, religious, linguistic, or other social affiliation, as well as deliberate actions for rehabilitation of Nazism.

“An unauthorized mass event took place on February 28. Under the guise of providing information and cultural-educational services and with the participation of at least 20 under-aged students and young Brest residents, war criminals, including Romuald Rais, known by the nickname Brown, were glorified. Also, the prosecutor’s office found that the school organized Polish language courses for applicants for the Polish card and scout teams. The main activity was to devalue the historical memory of the Belarusian people,” reads the report of the prosecutor’s office.

As part of the criminal case, the director of the Polish school, Anna Paniszewa (Hanna Panishava), was arrested.

Later, inspections were carried out in other Polish schools. The law enforcers arrested the leaders of the Union of Poles in Belarus, who are still behind bars.