Israeli company to stop selling cell phone hacking tech to Belarus and Russia

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Israeli company Cellebrite, which produces software systems for secret services to extract data from cell phones, has decided to stop selling its products in Belarus and Russia, Haaretz reports.

The company’s CEO Yossi Karmil stated that Cellebrite “helps law enforcement agencies and organizations to make our lives safer by providing solutions to legally obtain digital evidence in criminal investigations and civil proceedings”. has found 17 tenders from the Investigative Committee and the Forensic Committee of Belarus to purchase Cellebrite products – the UFED system, license updates, technical support, and connecting cables. The first such purchase took place in 2013, and the last — in May 2019.

Lawyer and human rights activist Eitay Mack has been trying to stop the company’s cooperation with the Russian and Belarusian authorities. He pointed out the persecution of oppositionists and activists in these countries. Earlier, he had already succeeded in making Cellebrite refuse to cooperate with the Chinese police after the suppression of protests in Hong Kong.