Deceased woman summoned for interrogation

Subpoena for the deceased Maryna Silich to Brest Investigative Committee. Photo:

In Brest the deceased Maryna Silich has been summoned for questioning by the Investigative Committee. Earlier, a criminal case under part 2 of article 363 (“Resistance to police officers”) was brought against her son.

Maryna Silich died last year on the night of 3 November, but on 19 March she had to come for interrogation as a witness to investigator A. Yurkevich. Her son Illya Silich participated in a protest action in Brest on 20 September. Then the law-enforcers detained him and severely beat him, later initiating a criminal case. The man had to go abroad, but still has an active civic stabce. he is a member of the “Gathering” platform.

“There’s not much to say. This is just outrageous and a planned act of pressure on me through my relatives,” Illya Silich told Belsat.