Belarusian President’s women: Concubines or hostages? (video)

Ukraine should remain united, referendums held by separatists in eastern Ukraine are nothing from a legal viewpoint, Aliaksandr Lukashenka said in his interview to independent Russian TV channel Dozhd. The Belarusian leader blasted Russia’s Putin for divorce and unveiled a secret of his own marital status.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka is still married to his wife Halina, but they live separately, he told Russian journalist Kseniya Sobchak.

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‘I have not lived with the mother of my eldest sons, for many years. She’s very decent person.’

‘Why don’t you want to divorce her?’ Kseniya Sobchak asked.

‘What for? Who will feel any better of it?’

Pensioner Halina Lukashenka lives in the village of Ryzhkavichy, Shklou district. After her open interviews in mid 90-ies journalists were barred from talking to the presidential wife. Similarly. These days Belsat TV crew was strongly recommended against visiting the neighbourhood, and these shots had to be made in a ‘guerrilla’ way.

ANATOL LIABEDZKA, United Civic Party:

‘Halina Radzivonauna is a hostage because she hardly leaves the village she dwells in. In my opinion, she doesn’t have any financial problems, but the situation is abnormal.’

Iryna Abelskaya who is regarded as the mother of Lukashenka’s youngest son Kolya, seems to be a hostage as well. It is still unknown whether she put her son under his father’s care voluntarily – the journalists are barred out from interviewing the woman.

Meanwhile, it is not uncommon to see Aliaksandr Lukashenka appearing at public events in company with young women. Last year Belsat’s journalists drew people’s attention to an unknown blonde who was escorting Mr Lukashenka during his official visit to Armenia. The both were being driven in the same limo which even Lukashenka Jr was not let into. Kseniya Sobchak could not help asking the Belarusian President about one of the girls accompanying him.


‘We have a special business protocol service, and some girls work there. They are very beautiful. When I attend some event they ask to sit next to me: ‘Aliaksandr Ryhoravich, I’d like to sit next to you!’ No problem!’

During the interview Mr Lukashenka harshly criticised Russia’s Vladimir Putin for his divorce. But despite his marital status, Lukashenka has a natural son. What are Belarusians thinking about it?


‘Russia’s President behaviour was more honest. At least, they divorced on civilised terms.’

‘There are human values, and if you don’t love a woman any more, let her go and give her a chance to start a new life.’

At least, all people who appear to be a kind of Lukashenka’s hostages deserve a new start. His youngest son Kolya Lukashenka who seems to be placed in an ivory tower also belongs to the club.

Ales Yashchanka, In Focus

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