Ukraine’s Donetsk region: Donbas volunteer battalion falls into Russian militants’ ambush

The main number of soldiers of the battalion managed to break out of encirclement not far from the village of Karlivka, Donetsk region.

50% of personnel are injured; a lot of them lost much blood. The injured soldiers were taken to an army roadblock of Krasnoarmeysk city, commander of volunteer battalion of the territorial defense ‘Donbas’ Semion Semenchenko said on Facebook.

The connection with encircled group is lost. According to the information provided, most of them are wounded, they have run out of ammunition. Machine-gunners, snipers are attacking them. Mr Semenchenko called on Russian militants to swap prisoners.

It is Russia’s battalion Vostok (part of the Defence Ministry’s Division 42) that lay in ambush; its soldiers being mainly from Chechnya.

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