U.S paratroopers conduct air landing exercise in Lithuania (video)

US-Lithuanian military exercises were held 150 kilometres from the border with Belarus. Tactical exercises ‘The Black Arrow-2014’ is NATO’s response to the Russian-Ukrainian standoff. The training event was designed to improve interoperability between NATO land forces.

Some 1500 soldiers are taking part in the exercises. On the last day of the game paratroopers drilled sky-jumping ‘in the conflict zone’. Paratroopers from the combined force also conducted an airfield seizure as part of the tactical scenario on May, 19.

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Since late April 150 U.S paratroopers have been staying in Lithuania, which demonstrates NATO’s readiness to defend its members’ frontiers in case of Russian aggression.

“We are currently doing an exercise in which we are partnered with the Lithuanians,” said Maj. Anthony Costello, commander of the brigade’s element. “One of our companies is integrated into one of their battalions. It’s a phenomenal opportunity for us to work on increasing our NATO interoperability.”

Approximately 600 U.S. soldiers are not expected to leave Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland until the end of the year at the earliest.


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