Act of vandalism: Swastika on Ukrainian consulate’s walls

A swastika was drawn on the wall of the building of Ukraine’s honorary consulate in Hrodna. A charwoman noticed it on Wednesday morning and informed the officials of the incident. A bit later the image was covered with paint.

‘When the well-known events in Kyiv were in their full swing, people used to bring flowers and candles to the counsulate. Nobody menaced us; there was nothing of the kind before,’ Viktoriya Ryzhikova, an officer at the consulate, said.

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It it still unknown who drew a Nazi symbol there. It was not until late 2013 when the consulate was opened.

A month ago a video showing masked young people in camo appeared on the Internet. The armed persons stated they were from Hrodna and promised assistance to separatists in eastern Ukraine. Carrying arms might be illegal in Belarus but the video still remains unnoticed by the Belarusian authorities.

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