Show of muscle: Putin demonstrates Russia’s military preparedness to neighbours (video)

Vladimir Putin displayed Russia’s combat capacities to his counterparts from Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus. Before discussing the Ukrainian issue, Mr Putin showed his guests how the Russian army was holding military exercises.

Only a short time ago the Russian leader assured the West that Russian troops had been drawn off the border with Ukraine. But today he has gathered his colleagues to prove that he just need to give an order – and intercontinental missiles Topol and ballistic missile systems Iskander will be launched, multiple rocket launchers Uragan and Grad will be used, set strategic bombers into motion. And all these steps were taken only for the sake of the war game!

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VLADIMIR PUTIN, president of Russia:

‘Today the planned exercises will involve all types and branches of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation across the country, including the nuclear deterrence forces.’

During the exercises Russian militants drilled preventive nuclear strikes at a potential enemy and countermeasuring a nuclear attack on Moscow. But there was one fly in the ointment: Buratino flame thrower refused to shoot at the presence of the presidents. Having ordered to establish the failure reasons, Mr Putin discussed security-building measures as part of the Collective Security Treaty Organization in connection to the events in Ukraine.


‘The example of our neighbour, brotherly Ukraine, proves that irresponsible policy brings a lot of woes and losses. Hundreds of thousands have lost the opportunity of leving in peace and abundance.’

Aliaksandr Lukashenka reiterated that he would support Russia speaking in the issue of Ukraine.


‘It would be especially unacceptable if we watch what is happening calmly. This concerns Russia and Belarus first and foremost. Let me stress again, we cannot watch this calmly, because our people are there, and naturally, they are crying for help.’

Lukashenka also urged his counterparts to jointly help Moscow to bridge over the sanctions imposed by the West.

Martsin Yarski, In Focus

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