Ukraine’s Security Service: Russian ultra-nationalist leader in same boat with Donetsk terrorists (intercepted conversation, FOUL LANGUAGE!)

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has obtained evidence proving that the Russian Federation is preparing and coordinating activities aimed at holding a referendum on creation of Donetsk People Republic. The SBU intercepted a telephone conversation between Alexander Barkashov, a leader of the Russian National Unity Movement (Moscow) and Dmytro Boitsov, one of the leaders of the unregistered Orthodox Donbass organisation (Donetsk).

Watch the video provided by the SBU (talks in Russian, translated into English (caution, foul language):

{movie}Russian nationalist leader instruct separatists how to hold a ‘referendum’ in Donetsk, Ukraine (ENG version, foul language)|right|16297{/movie}

Mr Boitsov said that they would not stand up without Russia’s support. ‘I am cancelling the referendum <…> We can’t conduct it lawfully while these [censored] are here!’

Mr Barkashov said they should not cancel the referendum. ‘Don’t collect any papers! Just write 99% [votes in favour of Donetsk Republic] … or 89 %!’ he gave ‘useful’ instructions how to rig the referendum.

‘What is our damn president waiting for???’ Mr Barkashov blasts Vladimir Putin for his hesitations over bringing Russian troops into Ukraine.

Alexander Petrovich Barkashov is a Russian political leader on the extreme right. In 1990 he founded an ultra-nationalist political party and paramilitary organization called Russian National Unity.

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