Russia’s Human Rights Council: Only 15% cast votes for Crimea’s accession to Russian Federation

Crimea did not vote for seceding to Russia, the official website of the Civil Society Institutions and Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation said.

Soon the embarrassing declaration was removed from the website, but Russian human rights defender Svetlana Hannushkina, who made a study of Crimea’s sentiments, told Channel 24 that Russia really put its leg in its mouth with the election campaign in Crimea. “What has been done to Ukraine is the discredit of Russia which never could be made up by any foreign agent,” she said.

According to the Council, the voter turnout at the referendum on the Crimean status reached only 30%, only half of them voted for the accession to the Russian Federation. But the Kremlin states that 97% of Crimean residents were in favour of it.

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