Political leader Seviarynets transported to Shklou prison

Pavel Seviarynets at a pro-independence rally. Photo: IA / belsat.eu

“His new place is the city of Shklou, IK-17, where Vitld Ashurak was imprisoned,” Pavel’s wife Volha Seviarynets wrote on Facebook.

“For the next two weeks, letters there should be written marked “quarantine” I will know the unit number later. Our father, Kanstantsin Seviarynets, is still not feeling well, especially at night. We can only pray for our relatives and hope for God. Please remember our family in your prayers,” she wrote.

You can write to Pavel Seviarynets at the following address: 8, 1st Zavodskaya St., Shklou, 213004. But in the next two weeks, you should put a note “quarantine.”

Pavel Seviarynets is an opposition politician, co-founder of the party Belarusian Christian Democracy, writer. On May 25th, Judge of Mahiliou Regional Court Iryna Lanchava sentenced Pavel Seviarynets to 7 years of a medium-security prison. The trial was held behind closed doors – even his relatives were not allowed to be present at the trial. The political prisoner was punished with seven years of imprisonment only because he publicly called for protests and criticized Lukashenka’s regime.