Lithuania shows video of Belarusian provocation

Lithuanian State Border Guard Service has released a video showing men in uniform imitating the alleged beating of migrants by Lithuanian border guards.

Minister of Interior Agne Bilotaite said that the Belarusian authorities had even chosen a special place for “filming scenes of Lithuanian border guards beating illegal immigrants,” reports DELFI.

“The Belarusian regime is using all possible methods. Since this is a hybrid attack, we see attempts to spread disinformation. We have information about the prepared shooting area; they create a picture of the border area and shoot different “stories” to mislead international organizations and spread disinformation in other countries and our country,” said Bilotaite.

The video shows four people entering the territory of Lithuania and waiting for Lithuanian border guards.

“Here are 4 migrant provocateurs trained by Belarusian border guards coming into Lithuania, but not in a hurry to go anywhere. They were waiting for Lithuanian border guards. Then the provocateurs returned to the territory of Belarus, and the show began. Belarusian border guards began filming them while the migrants were emotionally telling “how they were beaten by the Lithuanian border guards,” reports the State Border Guard Service.

After that, the participants of the filming moved deep into Belarus.

Border violation investigation has been launched.

Belarusian law enforcers, violating the border of Lithuania. Photo:

Lithuania is also conducting a pre-trial investigation into the illegal border crossing by 12 Belarusian enforcers on August 17, a representative of the Lithuanian Prosecutor General’s Office, Rita Stundene, told BNS.

Lithuanian law enforcement officers are carrying out a large-scale pre-trial investigation into the incidents on the border with Belarus. It was decided to investigate the case of the 12 enforcers separately, but the investigations can be combined in the future.

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