Political prisoner with cancer deprived of pension and taken to prison

BPF activist and political prisoner Uladzimir Malakhouski has been escorted to penal colony #22. Uladzimir Malakhouski is disabled; he has cancer. But before his transfer, he was deprived of his disability group, and his pension of 250 rubles was taken away, reports “Vitsebskaya Vyasna.”

Uladzimir Malakhouski, 54 years old, has been accused and found guilty of violence and threat of violence against police officers (Article 364 of the Criminal Code). Uladzimir Malakhouski was sick with cancer and had a third disability degree. But his wife Iryna found out that a special commission took away his disability group and pension.

“They deprived him of both the pension and the disability degree. As if he was robbing the state… He used to receive 250 rubles. That’s big money!” Iryna said indignantly.

Besides, his wife found out that Uladzimir was transferred to colony #22, known as “Wolf Hole.” The detention conditions here are notorious for their cruelty. The court sentenced Uladzimir to 3.5 years in prison.

Malakhouski case

According to the indictment, Uladzimir Malakhouski actively participated in an unsanctioned mass event, a march on September 13, 2020. He intentionally and unlawfully committed violence and threatened violence against Interior Ministry officers in the performance of their official duties. The accuser claims that Malakhouski tried to inflict traumatic blows on various parts of the body of the policemen, tagged on the uniform, damaged it, and took possession of a police badge. Later, already detained, he used pepper spray in the direction of the officers. Thus, according to the prosecutor’s office, Malakhouski “beat and physically hurt” the policemen (Article 364 of the Criminal Code).

Uladzimir Malakhouski pleaded not guilty.

Vitsebsk Pershamaiski Borough Court started the hearing of 54-year-old Uladzimir Malakhouski. Photo: ZK / Belsat

Iryna and Uladzimir Malakhouski are raising two minor children. According to the verdict, Uladzimir Malakhovski has to pay 3 thousand BYN to the “injured” policemen. The court seized the property of the family.