Baranavichy: Military plane crashes, two pilots dead

Photo: Telegram / intexpress

A plane crashed to the ground in the town of Baranavichy (Minsk region), the local newspaper Intex-Press reported on Wednesday afternoon.

Baranavichy. 19 May 2021. Photo: Telegram / intexpress

A bit later, it became known that a military Yak-130 was involved in the grave air crash. The vehicle belonged to the aircraft park of the Lida assault air base.

Photo: Viber / Где ДПС? Барановичи и район

“During the training flight, the crew detected a technical malfunction. Giving a display of courage and heroism, the pilots were diverting the plane from the residential place. When seeing that the plane crash trajectory would not get to the apartment blocks, they catapulted,” the Belarusian Defence Ministry said in today’s statement.

Photo: Viber / Где ДПС? Барановичи и район

However, the both pilots – Major Andrey Nichiparchyk, the commander of the training and combat squadron, and Lieutenant Mikita Kukanenka – died. There are no other victims or casualties, according to the ministry. Any serious damage has not been reported either.

This week, festive events were announced to be held in Baranavichy on the occasion of 150th anniversary of the town. Among other things, demonstration flights of military aircraft were scheduled for May, 22.

Photo: Viber / Где ДПС? Барановичи и район